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Japanese home design might be familiar lately. Despite many home designs could be the inspiration of your home, the Japanese-style house with its natural feel always has its own interesting point, making it distinctive to the other. But apparently the Japanese-designed home, widely known as Machiya, has its unique style. The majority of the traditional Japanese houses is constructed from natural materials, like bamboo, wood, and rice paper.

Lately, in the country widely known as the land of the rising sun, we may often that there are many houses combining the traditional and modern concept. Such a contemporary design becomes a favorite due to the use of natural materials giving the impression naturally comfort.

Exploring further on the Japanese-styled home, we also need to know certain Japanese traditional rooms like washitsu. Washitsu is a room that uses tatami mats (the room usually becomes the living room of a traditional Japanese). Tatami mat is Japanese traditional mat made of straw. But, in this modern age, the tatami is usually made of styrofoam or cushions.

The Traditional Japanese home is quite unique, because each room’s (washitsu) function can be swithched to other room’s function – the washitsu meant to be the living room, if necessary, can be the dining room, or even the bedroom – it’s marvelously multi-function. That’s why the home appliances or other items are generally stored in a cabinet-like space called Oshiire.

As for the exterior, especially the garden, the traditional Japanese garden knows no straight or symmetrical lines. The traditional Japanese garden is asymmetrically designed, so that there’s no single element becoming dominant. So, even though that there’s a focal point, it wouldn’t be positioned in the centre of the garden.

Japanese Home Ideas

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