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Luxury 2 Island Kitchen By Drury Designs

What is a multifunctional kitchen? And how do we make it? If you just think that your kitchen is built only to be food processing area, think again. Most modern residences’ kitchens have now become the main attraction of the house – get rid of that living room thing!. It’s because the kitchen is meant to be a multi-functional room, where the cooking activity brings people together and the integrated kitchen can also serve as a second living room. Here are some tips to make a multifunctional kitchen to facilitate your activities and your family as well.

Preparation and serving
One of the best usability of a multifunctional kitchen is where food can be prepared and served in the same room to maximize space uitilization in your house, especially in small homes and apartments, simplfying you to arrange and manage your home layout kitchen. Try and find the best position of the kitchen island that can serve as the food preparating area and the food serving as well. For a large kitchen, the kitchen island might be a bar-like dining table with stools.

Versatility meets functional aspects
The workspace is indeed in the office or a special room in your home, but sometimes we sometimes need an incidental place to do our works or just to look for inspiration. The kitchen is often at the top list. That’s why, the kitchen has to be multifunctional. This means that you have to design it as beautiful and comfortable as possible, accommodating all your needs in your kitchen.

The furnishing
When you consider the function of all the kitchen furniture, also think about some ways to make the kitchen interior looks beautiful by do the mix and match. Although that your kitchen applies modern concept, it would be much more magnificent to insert the personal taste to your kitchen. For example, the classic touches such as wooden flooring or unvarnished cabinets.

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Multi Function Kitchen Ideas

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Luxury 2 Island Kitchen By Drury Designs

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