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Modern Asian decor clings to the tantamount implementation of the typical wellknow Asian home decors; Chinese or Japanese home decor. The Asian decor is identical to the efficient space utilization which prioritizes openness than putting too much decorations. The “less is more” concept is clearly exposed when it comes to this regional concept, making a home more comfortable, more livable, and also more spacious.

The Chinese interior design is widely known for its feng shui principle which aims to emerge the balance in the interior of the house. For the Asian people, a home is like another part of human’s soul that should be unified with the human’s body, mind, and soul. Therefore, the harmony in the home interior is crucial for the homeowners’ peace of min and soul, at least they can feel relaxed once they get in their home, feel the homey atmosphere, and get rid of the problem or stress caused by the daily activity. This can be realized by letting the living room as open as possible, complemented with the adequate furniture and accessory, not more not less. To be modernized the look of the living room, consider choosing the furniture composed with metal material. For example, the metal-composed sofa legs.

Cleanliness and openness is the #1 provisions to emerging the Asian interior design. The Japanese interior design clearly teaches us about it. You can do this by making sure that nothing is scattered throughout your home interior, by having fairly storage space. So, you still can have your favorite magazines in your living room or bedroom without making your home cluttered.

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