Making a Living Room Elegant with Minimalist Design

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A minimalist living room has a more simple look but still exudes an elegant feel. By applying a minimalist style, the living room will also seem more comfortable and modern.

The minimalist concept can not only be created through the play of color, which usually adopts neutral colors, but also through the shape and textures. Integrate neutral color on the interior foundation elements, ranging from the floor, the whole side of the wall, up to the ceiling. White is the preferred color widely used in minimalist interior design.

White gives the impression of a clean, practical, as well as refreshing. Enhance the look of your minimalist living room by inserting the black color to make the atmosphere seem more elegant and contemporary. It can be incorporated into the couches, tables, and shelf display wrapped in black color, making the room look more luxurious. In addition, make sure that you choose furniture or other interior accessories that have sqaure, clean and smooth design to match the styling of the minimalist design.

If the dual-coloring concept doesn’t suit you well, no matter if you add a pinch of one bright color as an accent; red, orange or blue. The throw pillows and floral decoration are the most common options to be integrated with the bright color. To be elegant with minimalist concept in the living room does have to look stiff and flat, it can also be attractive and fun for you and your family.

The minimalist design is an interior design that prioritizes practicality. This style is not complicated, so that it’s much chosen by those who have a high level of activity. Because with minimalist style, you don’t have to provide plenty of time for maintenance or cleaning the house and interior.

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