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To realize an appealing and comfortable resident is undeniably everyone’s dream. One way to bring a comfortable and fresh atmosphere in the house is to create a garden in the home environment. However, it’s not every house possesing a yard or at least has enough space to construct a garden, either the front or backyard.

To cope with such a homeowners’ common issue is by making a garden that doesn’t require a large space, which is the vertical garden. A simple way to make a vertical garden is to create a shelf stacking and place potted plants arranged in such a way so as not to overlap each other.

However, the true vertical garden definition is a composition of plants attached into a media in a form of walls. Vines are the most common plant to be planted in the vertical garden as it can grow vertically complying the structure of the walls. In order not to overload the wall structure, it is advisable to use lightweight plants, such as a mixture of peat and cocopeat. Peat contains nutrients for plants and cocopeat is good for storing water.

The selected plants should also be ones that has vining or dangling growth character to make it look pretty. The examples of such plants can be selected as maidenhair ferns, betel ivory, fern, and other types of vines. In order to make it look more beautiful, you can integrate a various of plant species with different color variations.

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Awesome Home Garden

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