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Kitchen Color Ideas

Choosing colors that suit the concept of the home interior concept is one of the most important anddifficult things to consider. In the past times, most houses are dominated by white color both interior and exterior. As time goes by, other colors has also widely been used by the homeowners, by combining different colors for one room or area. It is certainly interesting to try in your home. However, the mix and match concept for several colors in the same room has a high risk of making the the interior so stuffy. Therefore, it is important to pay attention and learn the appropriate color mix and match method in a room, including the kitchen.

Now, let’s discuss what colors that are suitable to be mixed and matched in your home kitchen. First of all, what you need to extremely remember about the kitchen is its function is quite specific than the other rooms, like the living room or family room.

1. Red, orange, and brown
These colors tends to have a warm effect if applied in the kitchen. Avoid the dominant use of one of those in the kitchen as they can emerge the heat nuance in such an high traffic area like a kitchen. Therefore, use them as accent color only, meaning you may insert them in the kitchen fixtures.

2. Blue and green
Blue and green give a fresh feel to the kitchen. Therefore, these colors are pretty suitable for a highly active area like a kitchen.

3. White, beige, and gray
There might be pretty popular for you. Yes, the neutral scheme will always be nice to be applied in any room, including the kitchen. However, since the kitchen is a high-traffic area, it’s not recommended to set it as the dominant color. Consider integrating it with other bright colors like red or yellow.

It’s highly recommended to conduct the color mix and match in your kitchen in order to give the impression of a unique and dynamic atmosphere. What you also need to take into account is the color of the flooring and the artificial light direction. If the floor has a neutral color, then you can combine “fresh” and “warm” colors on a different side of the field.

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Kitchen Color Ideas

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