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When your children are ready to have their own bedroom, they are surely eager to have a bedroom in accordance with their preferences. You will also be happy to find your children feel very at ease being in their new own bedroom.

Colorful Curtains
Use colorful curtains for your child’s room. Make sure that the colors you choose are in accordance with the bedroom concept. The use of pastel colors on the curtains can give a vibrant and playful nuance to the overall bedroom. Don’t forget to add a sheer curtain to reduce the abundant sunlight during the daytime.

Use toys as a decorative element
Children toys have a particular point of interest to be converted as a bedroom decorative element. This way, you can save storage space by using hooks to hang big toys and shelves for small toys. This technique will certainly look very unique if well managed.

If you want something more catchy and funnier, consider using wallpapers to your children’s bedroom. Combine the wall paints with some unique wallpaper. In addition to the wall, you can also use it for cabinets and other furniture accents. You can try to use a mural on the wall. Choose cartoon or natural figures that fit your child’s favorite.

Incorporate educative elements
Don’t just think about how cute or attractive your children’s bedroom would be. make sure that you also decorate the bedroom with the things that can help your children learn, like books, charts and toys. This way, your child can learn while having fun.

Innovative storage spaces
Storage areas are very important for the children’s bedroom to store your children’s belongings. Make sure that you use different storage spaces for each belonging such as books, toys and clothing. This will train them to re-arrange the items they take. Teach them how to organize their own room from early.



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Creative Children Room Ideas 11

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