Garden for Minimalist Home

A house will look more distinguished if it has a backyard or a minimalist garden concept. As the title suggests, minimalist home garden is not only related to the size of a garden, but it would be much better to have a minimalist home or a small home with ...

3 months ago Phillipp Kasper


Making a Home Vertical Garden

To realize an appealing and comfortable resident is undeniably everyone’s dream. One way to bring a comfortable and fresh atmosphere in the house is to create a garden in the home environment. However, it’s not every house possesing a yard or at least has enough space to construct a ...

3 months ago Kristina Fleming


Enhancing The Garden’s Beauty with Paving

If you have a home garden that looks empty in the absence of the element of the decor, you migth miss one of the most important garden’s hardscape elements, the paving or pathway. The paving, which is commonly made of stone, is mainly used as the pathway, so that ...

3 months ago Lennard Mangels


Beautifying Home by Decorating Garden

Decorating your home garden is an interseting hobby which many people enjoy. Because by doing this activity, it will simply get rid of all our daily stress and we will also be sustainably healthy. Everyone will know when plants useful to humans. Either because they can produce oxygen. Well, ...

3 months ago Karina Schwarzman