Living Room

Ideas to Make a Formal Living Room

The formal living room is the where that you can display who you are by the presence of evry kind of furniture and accessories that lead to your personality. This is where all of your guests get visually entertained by every kind of things presenting in the living room. ...

3 months ago Nick Lindemann

Living Room

Making a Living Room Elegant with Minimalist Design

A minimalist living room has a more simple look but still exudes an elegant feel. By applying a minimalist style, the living room will also seem more comfortable and modern. The minimalist concept can not only be created through the play of color, which usually adopts neutral colors, but ...

3 months ago Manfred Sendler

Living Room

Comfortable Colors for Living room

Injecting your home, especially the living room, with numerous personal fixtures, namely your family pictures or other personal accessories, will surely make your living room one of the most livable and favorite place to be. In addition to the accessory stuff, there’s another thing that can promote the optimum ...

3 months ago Janina Edelstein

Living Room

Elegant Living Room Designs with a Crystal Chandelier

Elegant living room designs are relative. You do not need to bring the lavish decor with expensive accessories in the living room. They can cost you a lot. You can choose the simple accessories and fixtures that can bring dramatic effect at home. There are many accessories that you ...

3 months ago Lennard Mangels

Living Room

Selecting Curtain for Living Room

There are many ways to beautify or refresh your living room; redesign the room layout, repainting the walls, reupholstering the sofa, and redecorate your living room by changing the curtain. The last idea might be the simplest yet effective choice to get you a living room with a new ...

3 months ago Ruth Klopstock